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What do we do at Lifestyle and Wellbeing Support Services?

We provide non-clinical lifestyle and well-being support services which are a means of enabling clients to remain independent and live longer in their own homes, with support around social, emotional or practical needs.

To a range of local non-clinical services within the community, saving lives and saving time in achieving by supporting client for the best outcomes for your health and well-being.

We have strong networks with organisations and people in various health and social care sectors. HSPS Lifestyle and Well-being Support Services collaborates with like-minded people and organisations to achieve our joint aims.

two teenage girls cycling through a green area
a group of young adults out for coffee
  • Community education groups
  • Arts, creativity, learning and exercise on referral
  • Self-help groups
  • Computerised CBT
  • Bibliotherapy/self-help reading
  • Group activities on referral
  • Volunteering
  • Time Banks
a person busy weeding in their garden
  • Green Gym/ gardening clubs
  • Guided/health walks
  • Gym-based activities
  • Fishing clubs
  • Knit and natter clubs
  • Adult learning
  • Supported education and employment
  • Signposting information and guidance
Elderly friends having a light gym session
  • Befriending
  • Mutual aid
  • Learning new skills
  • Physical activity
  • Exercise and dance classes
  • Team sports
  • Swimming and aqua-therapy
  • Cycling
a smiling with his personal lifestyle assistant

The Lifestyle and Well-being Support Services Process

To receive support service, you can be referred by a family member, health professional, house manager or make a self-referral by contacting the service through email, telephone call or from the contact us page.

Then you will be booked in for an introduction visit to the service at your home with the clients support service managers who are qualified health and social workers. The client’s lifestyle support needs will be discussed, assessed and matched to services provided. Lifestyle and Well-being Support Services do not provide personal and clinical care.

Each individual client will direct and inform the service of all their home, help and support needs as the service is person-centered and client-directed, to retain independence and support client’s right to choose, when and how services needed will be coordinated to achieve the expected outcome for each client.